A Drug War Carol


Authors: Susan W. Wells and Scott Bieser
ISBN-13: 978-0974381404
Pages: 80 pages

Attorney General John Ashcroft will probably hate this book. John Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy, almost certainly will hate this book.

BigHead Press is therefore pleased to announce the upcoming release of its first trade paperback book: A Drug War Carol, a full-color graphic novel detailing the long and sordid history of the politics behind America's "War on Drugs." The book will be available from on-line booksellers in November and should appear on comic-book store shelves by early December.

In this story, Scrooge McCzar (who looks sort of like a cross between John Walters and his predecessor, Gen. Barry McCaffrey), is running the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He is confronted at a press conference by Mary Jane Cratchet, a wheelchair-bound medical-marijuana user and activist , whom McCzar promptly arrests for possession of the banned weed.

Upon returning to his Alexandria town-home, McCzar is confronted first by the ghost of Harry Anslinger, the first "drug czar," and then by three more ghosts, who show McCzar — and readers — an eye-opening history of how and why the "War on Drugs" began and what it's doing to Americans.

The 80-page trade paperback contains 64 pages of art, plus an extensive notes and bibliography section directing readers to the wealth of information backing up the story.

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