A-10 Indica

A 10 is a popular strain going around Bay Area clubs, with some info pointing to Ed Rosenthal having had a hand in its creation. According to the Canabible 3 the yield and look of the flowering buds look impressive, with a juicy fruit smell. The smoke is a bit bland in taste and the narcotic effect makes this a good one for sleeping. If you have more info on this strain send up a strain or grow report.

It’s Afghani lineage indicates this should flower in about 8 weeks.

A-10 is an indica strain with high levels of CBD. This provides the A-10 patient with a sedated body-type stone, thus making it an effective treatment for conditions including anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and tremors. A-10 is an indica that relieves convulsions, inflammation, anxiety and nausea.

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