Strain produced by: Green House Seed Co.
Species: Indica / Sativa (50/50)
Avg. Height: 100+ Cm
Flowering Time: Indoor Grown: 8-10 Weeks, Outdoor Grown: 11-12 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


( Landrace: Swiss Sativa ) X ( Landrace: Swiss Indica )


The sophisticated and sweet taste of this strain make it memorable to most any grower, and ensure repeated use. This strain will tend to follow true to its Sativa roots in the time it takes to flower when Outdoor Grown, but the Vegitative cycle can be shortened when Blackboxed or Indoor Grown. This strain stays efficiently in line with its 50/50 genetic make up, by giving one a strong Sativa high, with the introspection of an off-heavy Indica.

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