Abusive OG Kush

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Abusive’s OG (later renamed “L.A. Kush”) is a special OG Kush cut thought to be a “selfed” OG bagseed. The original grower was nicknamed Abusive, and the cut kept his name. It was discovered and gained popularity in the Los Angeles area in 2002-03, eventually being spread via the Devil’s Harvest Krew to other locales around the country.

It’s a low-yielding OG with a distinct clamshell-like rounded calyx structure and copious trichome coverage. The smell has elements of the typical lemon-lime pine cleaner OG, but carries more of a deep spicy quality than most OG cuts, lingering on the palate for some time after smoking.

Abusive’s OG is very potent and has a more direct mental impact than many of the more clear-headed OG cuts such as the Ghost and SFV. A “strong up, strong down” type of effect, it hits hard immediately but evens out into an eminently relaxing state of a mixed mind-body nature. The main medical benefits are mental and physical relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, and sleep aid on the comedown and in higher dosages.


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