Afghani Special


Strain produced by: KC Brains
Species: Indica
Avg. Height: Indoor Grown: <120 Cm , Outdoor Grown: <300 Cm
Flowering Time: 7-10 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Afghani X Double Afghani


This heavy Afghani Back Cross will remind the "Seasoned Smoker" of the good old days both in taste, and after effect. This strain is perfect for Insomniacs, or users who seek a more "couchlocked" effect. The plant itself is a performer whether Indoor Grown or Outdoor Grown, thriving in a slightly more humid environment. True to its Indica roots, it's Flowering time is relatively short, often times coming in a week earlier in an Indoor environment. Though this plant will not have the traditional "Clustering" of Trichomes one may be accustomed to, its rich almost Hash like smoke and taste will make a true believer of most any skeptic.

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