Agent Orange


Strain produced by: TGA Subcool Seeds
Species: Sativa Dominant (60/40)
Avg. Height: Outdoor Grown: <350 Cm
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Space Queen x Jacks Cleaner x Orange Velvet Skunk


This Resinous High-Volume producing, Sativa Dominant Strain, has an extremely citrusy smell. Beyond its Subtle odor, is a Strain Geared to grow wild and unkept in the fertile climate of Northern California. The Colas are large and dense, often times needing support so as to keep the Stalk from snapping. This is promoted as TGA Subcool Seeds' highest yielding strain. The psycho-active effects range from a sight anxiety and introspective consideration, to a euphoric quasi-couchlock. This plant is safe to Top early, so as to promote bushing for positive volume, or SCROG purposes.

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