Apple Pie


Strain produced by: Reeferman Breeders collective / Reeferman Seeds
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height: NA
Flowering Time: 13-15 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: Nepalese X ( Acapulco Gold )


This American strain, though a hybrid, is completely Sativa in its genetic make up. It will cause a slightly anxious uplifted, and energetic feeling, which if not properly prepared can take you for quite a ride. When grown outdoors, it can thrive and be one of your top producers, but be aware that if you dont' provide an environment remeniscent of the Temperature and Humidity you would find in Texas, Arizona, Mexico, or Southern California, you will not allow this strain to reach its fullest potential.

Reeferman Breeders Collective has reintroduced this strain after extensive breeding efforts to isolate true Resin producing Phenotypes. They went back and focused on the Acapulco Gold aspects, selecting from a large population, resulting in an updated strain that is "better than ever."

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