Arjan's Ultra Haze No.1


Strain produced by: Green House Seed Co.
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height: 270+ Cm
Flowering Time: 12-14 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: Yes (2006)


Researched Landrace: Cambodian, Laos x ( Nevilles Haze )
Green House Seed Co. : G13 x Nevilles Haze


This Hydro-Friendly Strain, is fast-branching, extremely flexible, and perfect for Topping. It is ideal in an aforementioned Hydroponic System, but is also a producer when Outdoor Grown in Subtropical, or Mediterranean regions. The Fan Leaves are large for this plant, and the Cola formation may be slightly asymmetrical due to the invasive nature of the Calyx development. The smoke from this strain is earthy and mellow, with an effect that pleasantly creeps on you after its initial energetic burst.
edit Notes from the Breeder

Green House Seed Co. recommends an interval increase totaling 5.5 - 6.3 pH during the entire Grow Cycle of the plant. They recommend a full and thorough Flush of the plant before Harvest (though this is a good recommendation for any Strain)

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