Atomic Northern Lights


Strain produced by: Dr Atomic
Species: Indica Dominant (65/35)
Avg. Height: 75+ Cm
Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Basic Lineage: ( Northern Lights ) x Afghani Indica

Expanded Lineage: (USA-NW Acclimated Afghani Indica (A) x ( Thai Haze ) ) Back Crossed with USA-NW Acclimated Afghani Indica (B)


This strain tends to be squatty and short, holding true to its Indica foots. Though it is a stronger Indica it does not tend to create a couchlock effect, and the smoke is smoother in comparison to a majority of other Indicas. The overall consistency of this plant is that of one big Cola spanning the length of the main Stalk. This strain is ideal for a {SOG], though is recommended by Dr Atomic, for [Organic]} Soil based growth as opposed to Hydroponic cultivation.

Notes from the Breeder on this Strain

Afghani Indica Seeds were imported into the North West United States in the 1980's, This strain was crossed with a Thai Haze, and exported out to Holland. Whilst in Holland this strain became what is now known as Northern Lights. Seeds from this strain were then brought back to the NW region of North America, and back crossed with Afghani Indica seeds that had been acclimated to the environment, thus enhancing Genetic consistency.

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