Aurora Indica


Strain produced by: Nirvana Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant (90/10)
Avg. Height: <90 Cm
Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Northern Lights x Afghani


This Resinous, rich tasting Strain, is an F1 hybrid of Afghani and Northern Lights. It's natural ability to stay low and branch out, make it perfect for a SOG or SCROG, but is more susceptible to Mold than your "Average" Strain. As this plant begins its Flowering Cycle, the smell becomes more pointed and spicy. The nature of the cola's render this plant well equipped for a Milking Method for Hash Making. Growers have found a deeper, bolder flavor in a Soil based environment, and classify this is one of the heavier effects you can stumble into. This is arguably the most Indica-heavy strain Nirvana Seeds has to offer, and is a good base, for a dark, oaky tasting "old-school" Bubble Hash

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