Australian Blue


Strain produced by: Homegrown Fantaseeds
Species: Sativa Dominant (90/10)
Avg. Height: <90 Cm
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Basic Lineage: Australian Duck x Blue Haze
Expanded Lineage: Landrace Australian Sativa x Blue Haze


Homegrown Fantaseeds took Blue Haze and crossed it with a 'gifted' Landrace Australian Sativa to create a true Sativa Experience. The citrusy aftertaste on the heels of the energetic effect make for a pleasant experience all round. As this plant is a 'true' Sativa, it has a propensity to bush heavily when topped, loves warmer Temperatures, and is welcoming to Humidity. Be warned that this Cerebral high is not for the feint of heart, and due to the nature of the Sativa will not be easily slept off.

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