Strain produced by: Nirvana Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant (75/25)
Avg. Height: NA
Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No

Big Bud x Skunk

This Skunk hybrid will follow most all of the same growing patterns as pure Skunk. This strain is perfect for the SOG grower, who seeks a larger yield off of minimal space invested. If you are not utilizing a SOG system, it is often necessary to use Stakes to hold up the Cola's as, in true Big Bud fashion their weight will put too much strain on the Stalk. The musky, flavorful aroma will be obvious not only in smell, but in taste. This strain is not recommended for novices, but if grown correctly will produce an extremely favorable return on investment. This strain is also Extremely Hydroponic friendly, so long as you are aware of your Nutrient values, as this strain can Burn rather easily.

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