Bodhi Seeds Apollo 11


Strain produced by: Bodhi Seeds
Species: Sativa Dominant (55/45)
Avg. Height:: 80-100 Cm
Flowering Time:7-8 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Cinderella 99 x Genius x Shiva Skunk


This plant is produced in the same tradition of the Brothers Grimm version of Apollo 11, but with a variation focused on the Indica aspects of this cross, implementing a Citrus taste remeniscent of Pineapple as opposed to Brothers Grimm's more lemon-citrus flavor.

Bodhi Seeds, took a more Genius based Phenotype from a large Population of Brothers Grimm Apollo 11 stock, drawing the feel of this strain away from Cinderella 99, and more toward the Genius Origins.

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