Candy Cane Brain

Strain produced by: Shadow Seed Co.
Species: Indica Dominant (80/20)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No

Basic Lineage: Silver Shadow x Grapefruit
Expanded Lineage: ( Brain x ( Blueberry x Northern Lights ) ) x ( Brain )

This SOG friendly strain will produce impressive dense buds with little need for upkeep or Pruning. With that being said, it will need outside support with stakes a few weeks into the Flowering process to keep it from snapping on the Stalk. The sweet odor emitted from this plant is enticing, and the end result is a fruity, sweet taste, with a fresh aroma. One key draw to this strain is its amazing taste. This is especially true with Hash makers who will introduce this strain into their Extraction in order to sweeten the taste of the finished Extract

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