Cannabis Culture

Established: 1994
Headquarters: Canada
Language: English
Issues Published: 74




Cannabis Culture is a Canadian magazine and online magazine devoted to cannabis and the worldwide cannabis culture. Cannabis Culture publishes stories about the struggle to legalize marijuana, profiles of marijuana paraphernalia, articles on how to grow marijuana, interviews with prominent marijuana users, and coverage of cannabis cultural events like the Nimbin MardiGrass festival and the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cannabis Culture magazine has seen rapid growth and change in its twelve-year history. The magazine was founded in the summer of 1994 as a newsletter edited and published by Marc Emery, who also founded Hemp BC and the Cannabis Cafe (now the BC Marijuana Party Bookstore and the New Amsterdam Cafe on the “Pot Block” in downtown Vancouver). The newsletter was called “Marijuana and Hemp” and Emery printed them totally on hemp paper.

Dana Larsen took over as editor in December 1994, and in January 1995 produced the first and only issue of Marijuana and Hemp Magazine. With the next issue the title was changed to Cannabis Canada, and the new magazine continued to be printed entirely on hemp, coming out four times a year.

Cannabis Canada was one of the first websites on the Internet, with an online version of the magazine launched simultaneously with the print one in December 1994. The first issue is a good indication of how primitive the web was when we began!

In the early days of the magazine it was subsidized by publisher Emery's Hemp BC store operation. Yet Hemp BC suffered from repeated police raids, so hemp paper was discontinued after issue #3 due to the great expense involved.

Cannabis Culture ceased publication in 2009, moving to an online-only format.

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