Cannabis Elixir

cannabis tincture
6 vitamin E capsules

Place the tincture in a double boiler over an electric heat source. Reduce the solution by half. Once reduced, add half the remaining volume of tincture of honey and the vitamin E capsules; for example, if you have 2 cups of tincture after reduction, add 1 cup of honey. Continue to reduce the mixture by constantly stirring until you are left with the same amount of liquid as you did with the first tincture reduction; for example, if you had 2 cups of tincture after the first reduction, you should end with 2 cups of tincture-honey mixture. Let cool to room temperature and store in a light-proof glass in the refrigerator.

The dosage should be between a teaspoon and a couple tablespoons. You can customize your elixirs by adding different herbs, like adding syrup of elderberry makes an effective treatment for influenza; or adding kava can provide greater pain control and sedation. With a little study in herbal medicine, you can customize your blends for any ailment. For the flu, use cannabis tincture with elderberry and cat

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