Chem 4OG


Strain produced by: Cali Connection Seed Co.
Species: Indica Dominant (70/30)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Chem No.4 (F) x San Fernando Valley OG Kush f4 (M)


Widely regarded as the best Chemdawg variety, (Chem No.4) was chosen by the Cali Connection to be crossed with his San Fernando Valley OG Kush Male, as a means of boosting the Yield of the OG and reducing the flowering time of the Chem-4. This Indica-dominant bud incorporates an unbeatable flavor with an even more impressive and sedative effect.

The flowering time of Chem-4 OG has shown to be consistently ready at 8 weeks, producing sometime heavy yields of oh-so-potent medication. These ladies are fairly susceptible to Powder Mold, like their Chem-4 mother and should be given lots of the Beneficial Bacteria to prevent such development.

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