Chem No.3


Strain produced by: Cali Connection Seed Co.
Species: Sativa Dominant (60/40)
Avg. Height:: 150+ Cm
Flowering Time: 10-12 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Chemdawg (F) x San Fernando Valley OG Kush f4 (F)


Chem No.3 is one of the last 4 Chemdawg seeds that were planted. Out of the last four, they were all great but Chemdawg No.4 was pronounced the keeper. This will be interesting, but the Chem #4 might have a more potent smoke with nuances in the high in comparison to Chem No.3. i took the Chem 3 clone only and hit it with my SFV OG f4 male, the offspring are showing great boost in yeild and a more sour note to the lemon pine.

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