Dr Atomic's Marijuana Multiplier

Dr. ATomic's Marijuana Multiplier.jpg

Author: D.Gold
ISBN-13: 978-0914171409
Pages: 80 pages

There are many people who have been very critical of this book. This is completely undeserved. This book deals with the process of turning regular everyday herb into both hash oil and hashish with cartoons and easy to understand 'baby' directions.

The method described in this book really works! It can help you take any plain Mary Jane (both high grade sativa and low grade kack) and create some very potent hash oil and hash (increasing in potency by 6 to 12 times on the Adam scale from what you started with).

...Dr. Atomic has a really useful and easy to follow cartoon drawing which uses kitchen utensils like a wok and soup pot... I would like to point out however that this book only deals with part of the process described in Cannabis Alchemy. It covers the chapters on making hash oil that is either (a) a crude extract or (b) a purified isomerized extract. From this you can also make hash - Dr. atomic breaks Gold's seven recipes down to four simple ones). Dr. Atomic does not bother describing the acetate process mentioned in Cannabis Alchemy. This is a disappointment but understandable... For some really incredible smoke expect about 25-30 hours of pretty well continuous work. The benefits are the increase in potency, far less toxins ingested and some incredible bragging rights :-)

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