Dr Grinspoon


Strain produced by: Barneys Farm
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height:: <80 Cm.
Flowering Time: 11-14 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Heirloom Sativa


Dr Grinspoon is named in honor of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a brilliant cannabis advocate, researcher, and author. It's genetics is a pure heirloom Sativa. The plant grows thin and tall, and needs a longer flowering. When mature, the colas look like compact, green and red-brown beads, loosely strung on thin stems with a dusting of THC crystals. The fragrance off the buds is of sumac and lemon and the smoke is light and tangy with citrus and tropical fruit aromas. This strain can stretch to quite a height indoors. You can harvest these cannabis seeds outdoors in Mid November. Dr. Grinspoon offers a strong, long-lasting, energetic and cerebral high. Old school Sativa of the highest order.

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