Dry Ice Hash

How to make Dry Ice Hash

How to make dry hash with a martini shaker! This is a method that is done many different ways, but I developed a method using a martini shaker.

Step 1: Gather supplies

1. Large metal martini shaker with secure lid and top.
2. 110 mesh screen square. Big enough to cover the big opening of the shaker, plus plenty of slack. (you can go as low as 70 or as high as 300 depending on how "pure" you want your hash to be)
3. 1-2 lbs of dry ice, broken into smaller nuggets
4. small glass jar / baby food jar
5. clean plastic flat bottomed bin
6. latex free & powder free gloves
7. butcher paper or tarp
8. Marijuana trimmings, close cut, small buds (no stems)

Step 2: Lay out tarp on the floor. This can occasionally get messy, especially starting out.

Step 3: Fill martini shaker canister 3/4 full with trimmings/close cut and about 5-6 small nuggets of dry ice.


Step 4: In between then canister and the top of the canister, lay the square of 110 mesh over the big opening and seal the canister with the top. *make sure the small martini lid is secure, too.

Step 5: While wearing the non latex gloves, shake the martini shaker just up and down, up and down until the outside of the canister is frosty. Its important to do shake carefully or all the trim can fall out if too much pressure is put on the lid and the canister
dry ice hash, shaker


Step 6: When the outside is frosted, turn the canister upside down *while holding the lid on* and shake upside down for 1 minute.

dry ice hash, shaking upside down, marijuana, how to make hash

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