Fruity Thai


Strain produced by: Ceres Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant (70/30)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: Yes (2006 Silver Indica Cup)


( Landrace: Thai ) x ( Ceres Seeds Indica Stock )


Fruity Thai is the result of Cannabis seed selectors working on a Ceres Seed that would combine Sativa properties when it came to flavour and effect, as well as the best growing traits of a premium indica, like a shorter Flowering time, sticky buds, and, of course, a heavy crop. They crossed Thai back and forth with a specially selected stock Indica . Playing on the notion that Sativa s get you high and indicas get you stoned, marijuana seeds breeders created a ceres seed as the Indica that gets you Thai high!
Fruity Thai is a ceres marijuana hybrid with a tropical twist, a blend of sweet Thai Sativa with a dense and resinous indica. The combination creates a fresh and sweet retro Thai flavour and a clear Sativa -style high, combined with a very good, very resinous Indica [Yield].
Our Fruity Thai cannabis seeds perform excellent in both indoors and in greenhouses, producing both quality and quantity. While Flowering, Fruity Thai looks much like a Sativa plant, with a single large main cola and long, thinner branches around the base. Like a pure Sativa , it still stretches a little at the start. As it matures, its buds build up from tight clusters of Flowers into compact pointy cones that weigh in at comfortable [Yield]s of one gram per watt of light.

When fully matured, Fruity Thai buds are covered with thousands of tiny, but clear, THC crystals, glittering like stars on a dark green sky. This cannabis produces little odor while Flowering, but once the buds are ripe, they release a noticeable fresh and fruity scent. The taste has overtones of lemon and melon. The effect of Fruity Thai is a comfortable, dreamy, but functional high. The vibe is sensual and communicative, happy and playful.

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