Strain produced by: Big Buddha Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant (70/30)
Avg. Height:: <130 Cm
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


UK G-Force ( Phenotype )


Also known as the G, is an elite clone found in the underground network of the UK. Big Buddha feminized seeds of this marijuana retain the outstanding qualities of the old G and has been is a favorite between growers and smokers due to its overwhelming power and strength.
 Typical of most Indicas, seeds of G-bomb show good resistance to Pests, Mold and [Disease]s, making them relatively easy to grow. It doesn't take long for them to Germinate.

Big Buddha seeds are known for their good rate of germination. Strong and healthy Seedlings cap their height at about 130 cm making them ideal for indoor growing,

This cannabis strain shows great performance nearly anywhere - pots, Soil and/or Hydroponic setups. Her feminized seeds start flowering in 8 weeks, producing really dense buds, with the calyxes pressed together and covered with long sticky hair full of THC (16-18%). The females producing the biggest and most resin dripping buds should be given the full nine weeks to reach their best. Fully matured plants have spicy, pungent and hash smell and lemon hash taste.
The plants of this cannabis variety produce a quantifiable amount of CBD, thus invoking a strong body and mind relaxation. This strain if recommended for both novice and expert horticulturalists.

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