Strain produced by: Barneys Farm
Species: Sativa Dominant (65/35)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering 10-12
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: Hawaiian Sativa x ( G13 )


Barneys Farm took the US Grade G13 and crossed it with a Landrace Hawaiian Sativa creating a floral, fruity, strain with an odor much like incense. The Haze truly shines through, not only in its Flowering time, but also in its size and perpencity to do quite well in a SOG. This plant will grow like the proverbial “weed”, creating a great yield, with its bushy arms complimenting an impressive Cola at its Centre Stalk. One warning is that the smell of this strain is a dead give-away, making this hard to keep clandestine in a “secret garden.”

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