Hot Buttered Toddy

1.75 grams cannabis
75 grams butter
100 ml milk
1 egg white
3 teaspoons of sugar (to taste)
1 dash of vanilla essence
Hot Chocolate powder (optional)
Rum (optional)

Take about 1.75 grams of cannabis and grind it up finely - a coffee grinder is useful for this purpose. Then melt about 75 grams of butter using a steam bath - a bowl (preferably metal) held over a pot of boiling water will do. Add the cannabis to this and stir it smoothly every 5 minutes or so for at least half an hour - one hour is about optimum in all probability.

Now you have a choice - you can either strain the mixture through muslin or something similar, or you can leave all the cannabis particles in. If you strain it you will get a smoother drink, if you don't you won't risk losing any undissolved cannabinoids remaining in the plant material. I would advise leaving them in if you are concerned about budget, but make sure that it's very finely ground.

Take the butter mixture off the steam bath and pour it into a pan, adding about 100 ml of milk and the white of one egg. Heat steadily at a low temperature until the concoction begins to froth slightly, stirring all the time to prevent burning. If you let it get too hot too quickly you will end up with little bits of scrambled egg in it.

Add a dash of vanilla essence and about 3 teaspoons of sugar, and stir it all in. Now you can take that and drink it directly, or you can add hot chocolate powder and/or rum to taste.

If the mixture is too thick, add more milk.

The reason a steam bath is used is to prevent burning and vaporisation as much as possible. People report that heating before use activates THC - I think the reality is that it breaks down the plant material and aids swift absorption, something which is unnecessary if you use this process as you will have broken it down enough anyway.

The only issue that really occurs is that there is often an oily film on the surface of the drink, but stirring before a sip helps to make sure you don't get a mouth full of oil.

It is a great recipe for using up leaves and stems - if you were to buy, say, 10.5 grams (3 8ths) and take all the leaves and stalks from that, leaving the buds for smoking, you would be able to make the tea from them. From reports I have had from friends eating/drinking a cannabis preparation, wait for it to start to take effect (depends on the type of preparation you made, with this one between 20 min and an hour to start achieving noticeable effects, although some may find it takes slightly longer) and then smoke a joint. The twin action intoxication is apparently both powerful and wonderful.

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