How to Top

There's more than one way to top a plant, and countless reasons why you should. In this article I will explain how/why/when/where to top a weed plant.

What is topping a Marijuana plant?

Topping a weed plant is the process of cutting the single top shoot, which then forces the 2 shoots below to grow and take place of the single shoot. When done multiple times it trains the plant into growing like a bush, instead of tree.

Why should I top my Marijuana plant?

The main reason you would want to top your plant is to increase your overall yield. When done properly, topping can increase your yield from 15% to 100%.

When should I top my Marijuana plant?

Planning your topping right can seriously increase the yield and overall size of your plant. You should top your plant anytime between when the 2nd & 5th set of leaves develop. Every plant strain reacts differently to topping, so when first starting off with a new strain, or if you have never topped a plant before, experiment. Try topping at different times, and different quantities.

Sativa and Sativa dominant hybrids will handle many toppings, while an Indica & Indica dominant hybrid will typically handle less.

Who should top their Marijuana plant?

Anyone who wants to cheaply and easily increase their overall yield and plant size.

How to top a Marijuana plant.

Take a clean pair of scissors, razor blade, or scalpel and cut off the newest plant growth 2 - 5 sets of leaves from the bottom.

The best time to do this is when there is a small stem developing below the new growth. If you attempt to top your plant before it develops a stem, you may end up Fimming your plant instead.

Where should I top my Marijuana plant?

You should top your plant sometime after the 2nd to 3rd set of leaves develop. Using a clean set of scissors, razor blade, or scalpel, cut the top shoot off right at its base.

Like this:


didnt get that??
heres a close up:


if done correctly and often enough youll eventually end up with a plant like this ;)


and thatll turn into something like this (if you give it enough love) ;)


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