How to make Cannaoil

This article will show you hot to make non-perishable cannabis cooking oil. I would rather use this then making butter as this oil can be stored for a long time with worry of going bad, Plus its easy to carry if we are having a marijuana cookoff. Do this one time and you will be able to make lots of brownies and cookies mmmmm.

Plus the high is alot different when you cook with it rather then smoking it

Specific things you will need:

forty-eight oz Canola cooking oil
1 large-sized cooking pot
One oz of marijuana nuggets or a 1/4 pound brick weed (or as much trim as you can fit in there.)
1 steel or metal strainer (to filter out the oil)
1 funnel will fit in the Canola bottle


1. Take the bottle of canola oil and poor the whole bottle into the pot.

2. The the stove on and put it on medium, place the pot on the stove and keep it on there till it is hot, DO NOT LET BOIL.

3. Now take the marijuana / shake crumble it up into small bits, put all this into your pot.

4. Now every ten minutes or so stir the pot for the next two hours, the trick is not to let it boil over just to keep it hot. If it starts to boil just lift the pot up and let it cool down a bit & turn your heat down a bit. Once or twice of this you will find the exact heat.

If you let it boil over the oil will turn black and it will taste like crap
just keep stirring and you will be fine.

5. Keep doing this for about two hours, after a bit the oil might turn a little bit green and brown. This is all normal, and means that the resin extraction is working properly.

6. After two hours take the pot off the burner and let it cool for about thirty minutes. Then take the pot and pour the oil throught that metal strainer, do this a couple times to make sure no leaf bits or anything ends up in the final product.

7. LAST STEP, your almost there, take the filtered oil and funnel the final product into the canola oil

To Store:
It's the same as regular cooking oil but try to keep out of light as the light will take some of the effect out of the THC. Just put in a regular closet but dont get the two mixed up

When Cooking:
Use the directed amount for cookies and brownies etc, dont forget though that your dealing with a potent cooking oil so dont use to much

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