How to roll a windmill

A smoke-cooling chamber and multiple joint holder, the Windmill is designed to get you spinning in the breeze. Although it's tricky to make, the holder can be used time and time again.

Roll a wide cone from a 10cm x 10cm piece of cardboard.
windmill joint1

Secure it with tape then trim the end to form a perfect cone.
windmill joint2

Seal the cone with large papers, leaving 3cm of excess paper at the end, as shown.
windmill joint3

Carefully make four cross cuts at regular intervals around the end of the cone.
windmill joint4

Make a long, narrow roach, about the length of a pencil, and seal it with papers or tape.
windmill joint5

Cut the roach in half, then remove a section from the centre of each segment.
windmill joint6

Insert the two segments so that the cut-outs are completely inside the cone and facing it's narrow end. Seal any gaps with tape or gummed strips.
windmill joint7

Seal the end of the windmill with the excess paper, using thread or tape. To use the windmill, roll the numbers of your choice around the protruding roaches and enjoy a four-way smoke of quixotic proportions.
windmill joint8

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