In Pot We Trust

This documentary exposes how deeply rooted uninformed mythology still is in our 'modern' societies. Watching people with the most horrible debilitating conditions improve both their physical comfort, and more importantly, their general outlook on life, just by smoking what is in fact a naturally occurring plant, is just mind-blowing. But as pleasant as the above is, this movie will still leave you with a sense of hopelessness when confronted by the other side. Maybe the people selected to represent the opposing view, namely that there are no such thing as medical marijuana, are just complete idiots, and thus not representative of this group, but I suspect not. Rather, there just doesn't seem to be ANY worthwhile argument against allowing deeply unhappy people to strive for a better quality of life, especially when all this pursuit involves is a 'drug' as harmless as marijuana (compared to basically ALL medicine, prescription or otherwise).

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