Strain produced by: Real Seed Co.
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height:: <250 Cm
Flowering Time: 14-18 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: South Indian


The Kerala strain is 100% highland Sativa from the Western Ghats in South India where it grows at an altitude of between 1700m - 2100m. This strain displays the typical long and very narrow leaves of a pure sativa variety and grows into a very bushy pattern with a cornucopia of bud sites. The aroma of this strain is rather heavy, sweet and pungent but the effect is a creative, high energy buzz renowned for its lack of panic/paranoia tendencies. In its natural habitat it is harvested as late as mid-January by which time the buds have cured to a deep brown with a tangy, minty taste.

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