Malawi Mini


Strain produced by: Afropips
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height: <150 Cm
Flowering Time: 16-18 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Malawi Gold Phenotype


The Afropips Malawi Mini seed is a compact version of the first grade Malawi Gold and has been developed for height and space restricted indoor cultivations. She was selected as No.1 from 10 years experience with the top Malawi cannabis growers for her spiciest taste and a supreme psychoactive clean vibrant high. The seeds of this petite beauty are more and more often used to create new hybrids for mini marijuana Afropips strains collection.

Cannabis Seeds of Malawi Mini marijuana produce short structured plants dominated by pure sativa genes. They won't exceed a meter size if grown into a 12/12 Flowering Cycle and make a perfect indoor pet.
It's a very elegant cannabis plant with a dominant stem and a good branching. She got her name because of a light gold shade that covers her leaves and gives them a look of a "golden lady". With typical Sativa lasting 16 flowering weeks, she develops well constructed numerous bud sites which make a nice fragrant furry cover around her. Malawi Mini buds are very dense and glitter with stick gold juice full of THC. Naturally, Malawi sativas have a higher THC content over CBD and, therefore, produce a heavier cerebral, couchlock effect. The high is long lasting and has an enjoyable alert mental clarity coupled with a warm pleasant feeling that radiates throughout the body.

Growing Malawi Mini seeds is just fun. She's got such a strong African Genotype that can easily cope with mild Stress and Mold. Though the plant is not recommended of outdoor cultivation, some cannabis growers challenge this recommendation and cultivated her in their open gardens. The results were surprisingly good. Now we can say that this babe copes well in such climate conditions as in the Southern Hemisphere.
Small and vulnerable doesn't apply to Malawi Mini. She is still a great producer with an average yield as much as 130 gr. of a quality marijuana per m2. The more you nurture this "golden" lady, the better result she shows. A unique tropical and luxuriant spicy fragrance appears at the beginning of the Flowering period and is carried through the maturing one. The final product contains as much as around 18% of THC and has a long shelf life.

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