Medical Marijuana Law

Author: Richard Glen Boire
ISBN-13: 978-1579510343
Pages: 240

An issue that has been argued before the Supreme Court and that is still the subject of a heated debate across America that is fraught with misunderstanding, medical marijuana is a major, complex topic. This practical manual offers reliable legal information for anyone interested in knowing more about medical marijuana. Written for the educated layperson, whether a patient, doctor, lawmaker, or a law enforcement official, the book starts with a history of medical marijuana in the United States. From there, the book spells out everything readers need to know on the contemporary aspects of the subject, with in-depth discussions of state and federal laws, the medical necessity defense, important cases, and specific requirements for lawfully using medical marijuana. A model statute offers guidance to readers who want to legalize the use of the drug for medicinal purposes in states without medical marijuana laws.

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