Olé 47


Strain produced by: Black Label Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant
Avg. Height:: <100 Cm.
Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


(Undisclosed) Afghani crossing with both Sativas and Indicas


Olé 47 was developed by the Black Label in 70s when their experts carried out numerous breeding experiments during which different Indica and Sativa strains were crossed until a new, absolutely unique strain came to life to satisfy both marijuana producers and consumers. Ole 47 became popular almost instantly for easy growing characteristics and an ability to produce high Yields of good quality marijuana with a strong corporal effect.
 Black Label Seeds Olé 47 seeds are Indica dominant and show good resistance to Stress and some Diseases. They are quite easy to grow and don't require any special skills. It doesn't take long for them to sprout after a usual soaking. Seedlings of this cannabis are strong and healthy and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Though many cannabis growers prefer to have Ole 47 in their Indoor garden as she is very petite, mature plants don't take much space and, yet, are still very solid producers.

The final product contains 15+% of THC that gives you a strong body and mind relaxation. Marijuana produced by Ole 47 is claimed to become stronger and tastier after Curing for a while.

Mature plants of Ole 47 have beautiful Indica characteristics. This cannabis strain develops big Buds that are really dense, with the calyxes pressed together. Usually, smell is not a problem, Ole 47 has a very mild fruity smell with some hints of earthy scents. Smoking Ole 47 marijuana is just fun, it's smooth and don't scratch your throat but wraps your body with warmth and gives you a feeling of comfort and peace.

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