Oldtimer's Haze


Strain produced by: Ace Seeds
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height:: <120 Cm
Flowering Time: 16-17+ Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: Thai x ( Kerala ) x ( Purple Highland Colombian )


Ace Seeds Oldtimer's Haze one of those marijuana crosses from Ace Seeds industry that takes us back to good old school Skunks. Possessing main characteristics of the Original Haze, she is one of the most popular in the international cannabis market. They have her for breakfast instead of coffee in Argentina because of her very clear and energetic high.

Oldtimer Haze's genetic is pure Sativa. Nobody knows the exact Genotype of this cannabis strain. Her history goes back to 60s/70s when the fist Haze was developed in California. Seed selectors assume that different sativas from Mexico, Southern India, Colombia and Thailand were crossed in this mystic hybrid. Whatever is in her blood, the Original Haze gave a life to hundreds of modern cannabis hybrids which became famous almost instantly for their highest qualities. Sadly enough, this unique strain nearly disappeared in 90s when new and easy growing Indicas were introduced into the greens' market.

The cannabis seeds of this marijuana produce slim and elegant plants with a tall, branched, typically sativa looking structure. She reacts very well to pruning. Oldtimer Haze is probably a variety with the longest flowering period, she needs between 16 and 24 weeks, depending on plants' size and the flowering conditions. But it's worth waiting. Medium-length internodes appearing after quick maturing are covered with long hair full of sticky juice. THC content is said to be as high as 24%. An outdoor harvest starts at the end of December and is carried out through January.

Already at the beginning of her flowering, Oldtimer Haze begins to spread heavy fruity aroma, with earthy touches of ashes, incense and antique wood aroma. Green Haze has fruitier (like tropical ripe fruit) flavours, while Purple Hazes smell like blackberry and black liquor. A high level of THC and low level of CBD together produce a no-limit effect, which allows you to get higher and higher with each intake. It can produce anxiety and paranoia if overdone. You might not realize how high you are until you see you're tripping. Experienced marijuana smokers recommend to cure the product for about 3 months after drying to appreciate it properly.

This Oldtimer's Haze Hybrid can easily grow indoors and outdoors. Indoor varieties are very smelly and are recommended to extreme cannabis lovers. If you decide to grow her outside, make sure the weather is warm and consistent. This skunk has an incredible value to old cannabis preservationists, collectors and seed breeders who would like to keep the origin of a pure Haze.

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