Strain produced by: Ace Seeds
Species: Sativa Dominant
Avg. Height:: <180 Cm
Flowering Time: 11-13 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Panama 74' x Green Panama ( Landrace: Columbian "Punto Rojo" )


Panama cannabis seeds produce marijuana plants with a typical Sativa look, aromas and effects. They grow into tall well-proportioned plants of 6+" in height with an excellent leaf to Cola ratio but pruning is required. It normally takes longer for this sativa cannabis variety to grow and mature; she also requires more light. She is quite a good yielder and produces around 300 gr. of high quality marijuana.

Panama seeds were specially developed for indoor growing, it's not recommended to cultivate them in outdoor gardens. Pink and red flowers start to appear and spread fresh strawberry aroma.

Medicine produced from Panama sativa plants has lower CBD and higher THC counts which produce a more clear headed, energetic type of high which will give it an Old School" feel

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