Raspberry Hashy Mudslides


You need for one drink: (For more, multiply by the number of drinks you need)

- Greendragon or a tincture, alcohol or glycerin etc.; one shot, or one dose
- Cream 1 - 2oz (or Cannacream)
- Vodka, 2oz - can omit, or limit use, if using a Dragon
- Kahlua 1oz
- Ice
- Raspberries
- Raspberry extract - home made or store bought (made mine)
- Chocolate sauce
- Sugar 1/2 tsp
- Glasses (one extra for mixing)


Put your glasses in the freezer.

Mix all ingredients, except chocolate sauce and solid raspberries, in your mixing glass. If making a frozen blended drink, mix in your blender with a splash of extra cream or vanilla ice-cream, and blend now.

Drizzle chocolate sauce decoratively inside your now-frosty drinking glass/es. If not making a frozen drink, this is when you'd add ice.

Now pour your drink in, and garnish with a few frozen or fresh raspberries, and enjoy!

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