Seed Banks

Many people often wonder about buying seeds to start with their growing of the great cannabis plant. The fact is with so many seed banks online and retail locations in various countries around the world, seed banks have become a viable business and are continuing to grow in strains and breeders.

Seed Banks started back in the early 80s and have grown to over 200 companies in 2005. There have always been seed banks that were underground but recent changes in laws as well as the internet has allowed seed banks to become a growing industry. Some seed banks have retail stores, offer online credit card payments, have phone numbers and a full time staff of diligent seed bank workers making sure orders and inventory are correct.

Many people with conservative attitudes ask "how is this possible" and "why are these seed banks allowed to exist?" Keep in mind that no country owns the internet, so often times people will complain and write rude comments to seed banks saying that they should stop what they are doing. These people don't realize that these seed banks have purchased business licenses and pay taxes on their income.

4 Types of Seed Banks

There are 4 main types of seed banks that you will find all around the world.The first one and most common is the retailer. This is a brick and mortar seed bank company that will represent not only itself but many strains from breeders that they carry as a distributor. An example of this seed bank is "Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds"

The second type of seedbank is one that reviews strains and seeds from various breeders and companies in aspects such as easy growing, feminized, sizes, shipping, indica, sativa and other elements that help with buying seeds and choosing good strains. try "Marijuana Seeds & Strains"

The third seed bank is an affiliate seed bank that send you to the original site to complete your purchase. They are paid a small commision for finding you and completing a sale. An example of this is "Mary Jane's Garden "

The forth type of seed bank is a breeder/retailer. This is a company that has their own strains of marijuana seeds that sells directly to the public as well as to various seed banks that retail their seeds for them. An example of this seed bank is "Nirvana"

!Verified good seed banks:

Attitude Seedbank
Canna Collective
Sensi Seeds


420 Seeds
A B Seeds
Advanced Seeds
Amsterdam Marijuana seeds
Anyplace cannabis seeds
Atlas Gifts
Attitude Seeds
autoflowering seeds
BC Bud Depo
BC Seed King
Beans 2 Please U
Bidz Bay
Buy Dutch Seeds
Canadian hemp co
Canna Collective
Cannabis Bud Beans
Ceres Seeds
Dank House Seeds
delta 9 labs
DNA Genetics
Dope Seeds
Dr Chronic
Dr Greenthumb
Dutch Breed
Dutch Seeds
Everyone Does It
Female Seeds
Gage Green Genetics
Global Seedbank
Green house Seeds
Green Life Seeds
Grow High
GTA Seed Bank
Hemcy Seed Company
Hemp Depot
Herbies Head Shop
High Life Seeds
Highgrade Seeds
Irie vibe seeds
Iron Seed Sales
Kind seed Co
Legends Seeds
London Seed Centre
Marijuana Seeds NL
Mellow Gold Seeds
Ministry of Cannabis
Mr Nice Seed Bank
Nirvana Seeds
No Mercy Supply
One Stop Seed Shop
Online Growshop Alien
Peak Seeds
pick n mix seeds
Planet Skunk
Pot Seeds
Pure Sativa.Com
Rhino Seeds
Ricky Seeds
Riot Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds
Sacred Seed
Sannies Seeds
Seed Boutique
Seed Joint
Seed Madness
Seed Semillia
Sensi Seeds
Sensible Seeds
Single Marijuana Seeds Canada
Skunk Revolution
Speedy Seedz
Superior Seeds
THC Farmer
THC Planet
The Cali Connection
The Highland Company
The Real Seed Company
The Seed Depot
Weed Seeds
White widow seeds
Worldwide Marijuana Seeds


Ace Seeds
Almighty Seeds
Alphakronik Genes Seeds
Attitude Gallery

Barneys Farm
BC Bud Depot
BC Seed Co.
Big Buddha Seeds
Black Label Seeds
Bluehemp Seeds
Bodhi Seeds
Brazilian Seed Co.
Brothers Grimm
Buddha Seeds
Bulldog Seeds

Cali Connection Seed Co.
Cannaventure Seeds
Capricorn Seed Co.
CBD seeds
Celebrity Seeds
Ceres Seeds
CH9 Seeds
Connoisseur Genetics
Cropi Canna Seed Co.
Cultivators Choice

De Sjamaan Seeds
Delicious Seeds
Delta-9 Labs
Dj Short
DNA Genetics
Doggies Nuts Seeds
Dr Atomic
Dr Chronics Seeds
Dready Seeds
Dutch Passion Seed Co.

Emerald Triangle Seeds
Enterprise Seeds
Eva Seeds

Finest Medicinal Seeds
The Flying Dutchman
Free City

G13 Labs
Gage Green Seeds
Genehtik Seeds
Green Devil Seeds
Green House Seed Co.
Green House United

HazeMan Seeds
Holy Smoke Seeds
Homegrown FantaSeeds
Hortilab Seeds
House of Funk Genetics
Hy-Pro Seeds

Jordan Of The Islands
Juan Moore Seeds

Kaliman Seeds
Kannabia Seeds
Karma Genetics
KC Brains
Kiwi Seeds
Kulu Seeds
Kind Seed Co.

Lowlife Seeds
LowRyder Seeds

Magnus Genetics
Mandala Seeds
Mdanzig Seeds Automatix
Medical Seeds
Ministry of Cannabis
Mosca Seeds
Mr. Nice Seeds

Next Generation Seed Co.
Nirvana Seeds

Paradise Seeds
Philosopher Seeds
Porno Seeds
Positronics Seeds
Pyramid Seeds

Reeferman Breeders Collective
Reeferman Seeds
Reserva Privada Seeds
Reservoir Seeds
Resin Seeds
Riot Seeds
Rokerij Seeds
Royal Dutch Genetics
Royal Queen Seeds

Samsara Seeds
Sativa Seeds
Secret Valley Seeds
Seedism Seeds
Seedmakers Seeds
Seeds Of Life
Seedsman Seeds
Sensi Seeds
Serious Seeds
Shadow Seed Co.
Short Stuff Seeds
SickMeds Seeds
Soma Seeds
Spice of Life
Super Sativa Seed Club
Sweet Seeds

TGA Subcool Seeds
T.H. Seeds
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UKCheeseHead Seeds

Vision Seeds
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White Label Seeds
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