Senegal Haze


Strain produced by: Afropips
Species: Sativa Dominant (80/20)
Avg. Height:: Indoor Grown: <130 Cm, Outdoor Grown: 130+ Cm
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: Senegal Sativa x Phoenix Haze


Senegal Haze is another "golden" lady from the Afropips seed collection. As many other marijuana strains with pure African Genes, Senegal Haze gets a beautiful golden colour when fully Matured. Her unusual look combined with extremely strong narcotic powers make her a sought after strain by many cannabis growers. Senegal Haze is a powerful f1 marijuana hybrid dominated by a Landrace Senegal Sativa from the Cassamanca growing region and a powerful psychoactive Phoenix Haze of a pure African landrace. Her cannabis seeds grow fast and short 10 days vegetation is usually enough. This cannabis variety produces strong light green/gold plants with narrow sativa leaves and modern indica sizes. The seeds with the consistent African Stress resistance perform well in all sorts of setups, including pots, soil and hydroponics. They are happy as individual plants and also as a member of a green group. Growing inside under a usual 12/12 Light Cycle, the plants can be as tall as 130 cm; growing outdoors, they may naturally become taller. If you decide to have your golden beauty outdoors, watch out for weather changes.

Senegal Haze is a high THC plant with a strong haze smell and taste. Experienced marijuana growers can recognise her age by this smell appearing from the 3rd week of vegetation and can't wait the other 10 weeks till the beginning of the harvest.

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