Strain produced by: Green House Seed Co.
Species: Indica Dominant (80/20)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering 7-9 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


( Skunk ) x ( Northern Lights ) x ( El NiƱo )


This girthy Indica Dominant works well in a SOG or SCROG system surely taking its rightful place as a huge Producer. It will gorge on Neutrients, and is ideal for a Hydroponic system. Be aware that you will have to Prune this plant fairly often as it will cluster and bush at will. The Caalyxes will seem to climb over each other to reach toward the light, yet the leaves will be a relatively unimpressive medium size. The effect is a cerebral smack in the head, acting as an effective heady Indica which should act as an effective tool for relaxation. Outside of Holland this Strain is known as Big Bang, and is synonymous in the smoking community as a very Medically inclined, heavy high.

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