Swazi Red


Strain produced by: Afropips
Species: Sativa
Avg. Height:: Indoor Grown:120+ Cm, Outdoor Grown: 300+ Cm
Flowering Time: 13+ Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Landrace: African


Afropips Swazi Red is a African landrace Sativa with the origin from the Nikomati region of Swaziland. Warm African weather has been a good back up for local cannabis strains to develop their full potentials. Swazi Red is a pure Swazi Roibaard, a marijuana with strong genetics and an interesting look. She got her name from the preponderance of red hairs in the compostion of the bud. In South Africa it is known as "Roibaard", the Afrikaans word for red beard.

Cannabis Seeds of this very powerful marijuana behave is a typical sativa way. While growing, they build a formation of elegant plants with strong colas and good branching. Pruning is sometimes recommended to keep the natural wildness of this bred under control. Some cannabis farmers prefer to grow Swazi Red outdoors for her outstanding height, some samples can grow as tall as 3 m. However, indoor cultivation is not difficult; she performs well in all settings.
Typically, these pure sativa cannabis seeds take longer to grow and mature than her indica counterpartner. However, 13 weeks is not that bad for a sativa. First bud formations may appear already on the12th or even 11th week. Swazi Red is extremely resinous. Buds can reach the size of an adults forearm and covered with sticky juicy red hair are full of THC which is said to be as high as 20%. Higher THC counts over CBD produce a clear headed, energetic type of high. This marijuana strain has a strong odour, which has been compared to a fine cigar.

Like any other sativas, Swazi Red require more light, however, 12/12 Light Cycle is good enough for her to produce good yield. Outdoor harvest starts in November. The final product has a long shelf life and keeps a strong African Hash smell and taste for ages.

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