Sweet Malawi


Strain produced by: Afropips
Species: Sativa Dominant (80/20)
Avg. Height:: <100 Cm
Flowering Time: 9-11 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Malawi Mini x Sweet Tooth No.3


Afropips Sweet Malawi is a powerful f1 marijuana hybrid with a short stature-like Sativa of Afropips Malawi Mini dominating over a Sweet Tooth No.3. Only Organic, the richest and the ripest seeds were chosen for this bred. The main characteristic of this very powerful cannabis is her size, 1 m maximum. Sweet Malawi was designed specially to be Indoor Grown; she is a perfect strain for small space limited garden. However, small doesn't mean weak. Sweet Malawi possesses all highest qualities of the extremely powerful Malawi Gold.

This strain is very resistant to Mold and don't seem to be affected by mild Stress. They produce typical sativa elegant plants with dominant stems, good branching and tight Cola production. Like any other Afropips strain, Sweet Malawi might get a beautiful gold shade on her leaves. Plants can reach maximum1 metre high indoors by harvest if grown under a 12/12 flowering cycle. This cannabis can be harvested already at the end of October. Her buds are quite big and sturdy and full of THC. Sweet Malawi is a very happy strain, she doesn't mind growing individually or as a member of a green group, and practically anywhere - pots, Soil and/or Hydroponics setups.

A clean vibrant high make this marijuana seed one of the favourite between cannabis smokers.

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