Sweet White Malawi


Strain produced by: Afropips
Species: Sativa Dominant (60/40)
Avg. Height:: <100 Cm
Flowering Time: 11 - 13 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Sweet Tooth No.3 x (( Landrace: Malawi ) x White Russian )


Afropips Sweet White Malawi is a strong Sativa/Indica, confirmed to be one of the most potent marijuana varieties in the Afropips seed collection and is constantly used in breeding projects for the production of new cannabis strains. Her good genes make the high extremely powerful with a sweet fruity smell and taste taken from the Sweet Tooth line.

Sweet White Malawi is a beautiful Sativa looking plant with strong Indica influence. Cannabis Seeds of this marijuana variety are easy to grow and manage. Influenced by the indica genes, they produce plants of a manageable size, ideal for indoor cultivation. Though this strain was meant to be grown indoors, some experienced cannabis farmers tested her outside in warm regions and achieved quite good results. A usual 12/12 light cycle is enough for Sweet White Malawi to produce plants with firm Colas and healthy flower formations with long green clusters often turning white due to the strong White Russian genotype.

Reducing the light cycle to 8 hours gives the plants a mild Stress and encourage them to produce more THC. Sweet White Malawi is said to have as much as 18% of THC, higher than her CBD content, and, therefore, her high is clear headed and very energetic. If compared with wine, this cannabis hybrid is a semi-sweet champagne. A pleasant fruity aroma which appears during the first weeks of Flowering is carried out throughout the whole growing and remains in the final product. Cured Colas have a long shelf life.

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