The American Drug Scene

An Anthology

Author: James A. Inciardi, Karen McElrath
ISBN-13: 978-1931719087
Pages: 505

THE AMERICAN DRUG SCENE is the bestselling collection of contemporary and classic essays and articles on the changing patterns, problems, perspectives and policies of both legal and illicit drug use. In these selections, as well as in the commentaries that precede them, the information presented is both theoretical and descriptive. One of the strengths of THE AMERICAN DRUG SCENE remains its focus on the social context in which drug taking, drug-related problems, and drug policies occur.

Editors Inciardi and McElrath feature major drugs of use including: opiates, cocaine, marijuana, and hallucinogens. The book also addresses legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Other topics that are covered include gender and addiction, sexual identity and drug use, the symbolic meaning of drug taking, HIV/AIDS as it relates to injecting drug use, issues surrounding drug treatment and recovery without treatment, the relationship between drugs and violence (including sexual violence), and policy issues such as the drug legalization debate.

The Fourth Edition includes 11 new articles that address recent and emerging patterns of drug use and policy debates, such as: MDMA/Ecstasy, marijuana for medical purposes, Ketamine, and the role of clubs in promoting harm reduction. Each section begins with an introduction that offers background material as well as explanations and illustrations of key concepts relating to articles within sections. Discussion questions, designed to encourage critical thinking, follow each article. The edition concludes with a comprehensive subject index.

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