Waterfall Bong

A Waterfall Bong is named after the waterfall that is made when the hit is collecting inside the chamber. For this bong you take a container that holds liquid air tight with a bowl like shape at the end (think soda bottle or juice bottle). Poke holes in the bottom of the container so the water can flow out of it. Fill the container with water and quickly attach your bowl and light it as the water flows out off the container. This will cause the bowl to fill with air from the only spot available the bowl, like in the Gravity Bong.


Things You Need:

2 Liter Soda Bottle
Aluminum Foil/ Screen
Bucket or Drain

How To Make a Waterfall Bong

1.) First take your knife and pop 2-3 small holes(the holes need to be large enough to drain the water at a slow pace) in the bottom of your 2 liter

2.) Fill bucket with water

3.) Make a screen out of tinfoil the size of the mouthpiece.

How To Use a WaterFall Bong

1.) Fill 2 liter with water and cover hold in the bottom with thumb.

2.) Light the marijuana and release thumb so the water can pour out the suction will cause the chamber to fill with smoke.

3.) Once empty remove the screen and inhale.

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