Strain produced by: Bodi Seeds
Species: Indica Dominant (80/20)
Avg. Height:: NA
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Basic Lineage ( Giesel x Yo Mama )
Expanded Lineage ( Massachusetts Super Skunk x Chem Dawg ) x ( Appalachia x Afgooey )


Yogil is a ‘Classic’ plant; big, beautiful and the most complex Terpene spectrum of almost any plant... skunky, chemmy, citrus, forest... just plain funky... the yo mama is a crystal producing wild card, big and beyond frosty, with smells and flavors ranging from oatmeal cookies to hot sauce... Bodi Seeds released 33 Seed packs of this strain early, which were gone in less than a day!

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