Strain produced by: Enterprise Seeds
Species: Indica
Avg. Height: Short
Flowering Time: 6-7 Weeks
Cannabis Cup Winner: No


Northern Lights x Skunk


Rumored to be the response to American growers requests in search for the "perfect strain" while in British Columbia, this high volume producing plant has made its way south and into the "American mainstream." It has tensely packed, powdered buds, with brilliant red hairs; its complexion due in no small part to the Crossing and Stabilizing of Enterprise Seeds' choicest Indoor Grown and Outdoor Grown Strains.
The Indica effects of this strain are not in question, as it will render you relaxed, and moderately sleepy; tricked by its unassuming smoke and smell. This strain is highly recommended as being Indoor Grown, and it's Trim is ideal as a base for a more sophisticated Hash composition.

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