Science vs. Stigma

New medical marijuana documentary SCIENCE VS. STIGMA, Tells medical patients true stories of persecution and social stigma.

maine medical marijuana science v stigmaIn the film , brave medical patients share their struggles to access a demonized medicinal herb that helps their serious medical conditions.

The film features, Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO, who presents scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of cannabis in treating more than a dozen medical conditions. Through interviews with patients, the film puts a human face on some of the collateral damage from the war on drugs.

SCIENCE VS. STIGMA was produced by Maine Green Cross, a patient group involved in
providing assistance to legal medical marijuana patients in Maine. The group supported
passage of LD 1296, which protects patient privacy and became law in September 2011.

The 70-minute film was directed by Emmy-nominated Director Dave Wilkinson and
Produced by Ron Norton and Paul Maguire of Maine Green Cross.

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